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Code Name-Tiranga Review: Will keep looking for the real code of the story, read how many stars Parineeti Chopra’s film got

Code Name Tiranga Review

by Soumadeep Bagchi
code name tiranga movie revieW

Code Name Tiranga Parineeti Chopra and Hardy Sandhu’s much awaited film Code Name Tiranga was released in theaters today. Let us know how the film was liked by the audience and according to the review, how much it can collect on the first day.

Code Name: Tiranga Film Review: Ribhu Dasgupta, who has made a classic film like ‘The Girl on Train’, has brought a new story in front of the audience this time through ‘Code Name: Tiranga’. Code Name Tiranga is a story based on an undercover agent whose hero is the heroine of the film i.e. Parineeti Chopra. In this film, Parineeti Chopra has done two hands in the action scene. He has amazing action scenes in the movie. But seeing the film, it seems that the hard work that has been done on the action scene is not in creating a strong story.

The story of the Research and Analysis Wing ie Ra’s agents going to another country to carry out intelligence missions has been shown in many films. The code name Tiranga also carries forward the list of the same films.

Story of code name tricolor
The story begins in Kabul, Afghanistan, where doctor Mirza Ali (Hardy Sandhu) falls in love with Ismat aka Undercover RAW agent Durga Singh (Parineeti Chopra), unaware of the truth. Durga has come to Afghanistan in search of terrorist Omar Khalid (Sharad Kelkar) responsible for the terrorist attack on Parliament in Delhi in the year 2001. He is about to attend the same wedding where Mirza is also invited. That mission fails. Then the story reaches Turkiye, where Durga is given another mission to kill RAW agent Ajay Bakshi (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), a RAW senior who is a traitor. Is Ajay Bakshi really a traitor? Will Durga be able to kill Ajay or catch Omar? The story proceeds on this.

This scene confuses
Director Ribhu Dasgupta’s motive behind keeping the Vande Mataram song in the background at the end of the film in which Durga alone breaks into Omar’s house and kills his people is not understood. Just one song can’t make it a patriotic film. The climax scene is shot like a video game, in which Parineeti’s hands are only visible and the guns keep changing, which doesn’t look interesting.

Hardy Sandhu’s role being liked
Sharad Kelkar’s loud voice does not seem enough to show him as a terrorist. Hardy Sandhu looks good in the role of Mirza. There is something worth watching in this film, it is the location of the Middle East country, which cinematographer Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni has captured in his camera. There are one or two twists in the story, but there also a dug mountain turns into a rat-like condition. Was there any song in the film, it is difficult to remember.

movie code name tricolor

Main Cast – Parineeti Chopra, Hardy Sandhu, Rajit Kapoor, Sharad Kelkar, Shishir Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Director – Ribhu Dasgupta

Duration – 137 Minutes

Rating – one and a half

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