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DDA demolishes house of Uttarkashi tunnel rescuer Vakeel Hasan

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DDA demolishes house of Uttarkashi tunnel rescuer Vakeel Hasan

The Delhi Development Authority on Wednesday morning demolished the house of one of the Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescuers, Vakeel Hasan. According to the authority, they conducted the demolition drive to remove encroachment from its acquired land in the village Khajuri Khas in northeast Delhi. The land was part of planned development land, the DDA officials said.

Vakeel Hasan while speaking to media sources said, “We were not given any notice of the demolition, the area we live in is a regularised colony, I built my house in 2012-13 but DDA came suddenly at 9 a.m. and pushed us out of our home. “My wife and I were not at home; DDA officials came, and only my three children were present, he said. The children were scared and were even hassled by officials while the demolition was ongoing”, he added. Hasan said, “I do not know where to go now. When I reached the spot, I was taken to the nearby police station, and they took away my phone. I will not get a house on rent on such short notice, where do my children and family go tonight?”

The authority did not respond to calls for further questions.

Meanwhile, northeast Delhi Lok Sabha Member of Parliament Manoj Tiwari has takencognisance of the demolition. He said: “I have already investigated the matter. I will ensure that Mr. Hasan gets compensated through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.”

Ambiguity regarding land as per sources in DDA

According to sources in the DDA, the land was previously acquired by the authority for some development project, and it was encroached upon. However, details of the matter are unclear. DDA member and AAP leader Somnath Bharti said that he will look into the matter and see if any resolution can be made.

Hasan led the team of miners for successful excavation of trapped workers 

The Uttarkashi Tunnel rescuers came into limelight after they successfully rescued 41 workers from the collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand. The workers were rescued after 17 days of being trapped by a team of 12 members popularly known as ‘rat-miners’. Hasan was heading the team in the rescue operation. After the mission’ssuccess, he was welcomed back to Delhi with full pomp and show. He has been a Delhi Jal Board contractor for many years.  

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