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Deboshree Roy filed defamation case against Sovan -Baishakhi

by Kolkata Today

TMC MLA Deboshree Roy files complain against BJP leader Sovan Chatterjee and his friend Baisakhi Banerjee. Deboshree alleged that Sovan Chatterjee and Baisakhi Banerjee has said derogative stuffs against her which are disrespectful. She alleged Sovan and Baisakhi of saying that ‘Deboshree Roy had done nothing. She is useless MLA. During Aamphan Deboshree Roy was singing songs in Deshapriya park’.

Deboshree Roy feels it’s her personal matter and no one should involve in that. So she filed a defamation case against Sovan and Baisakhi. Deboshree Roy said at Alipore Court,” I hold my patience. But the way they are attacking me personally it’s not right. I don’t even want to name her. Whatever I am doing, it’s my personal affairs. They are trying to defame me. So I after the limit was crossed I filed defamation case against them. They went to my constituency and said that I am involved in Toto scam. But I am not. It’s not right to comment anything wrong without proper knowledge. I took steps against them who did the scam. I tried to help people, but they are trying to mislead people against me”.

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