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Duare Sarkar is a great campaign:Partha Chatterjee

by Kolkata Today

Partha Chatterjee after Sourav Das joining explained the development done by the ruling party. In a press conference at TMC Bhawan, Partha Chatterjee claimed lakhs of people are taking help from Duare Sarkar campaign. He said,”Duare Sarkar is a great campaign. We got good response of the campaign. At several centre of Duare Sarkar in various districts, quite a good number of people came”.

Partha Chatterjee after revealed the number of people who attended at the centre of Duare Sarkar campaign. Partha Chatterjee said,” More than 2 crore people coming at Duare Sarkar campaign shows the popularity of the campaign”.

Speaking on development of government, Chatterjee said,” There was 15 lakh application for Widow and old age pension. We have granted their request. They will receive the benifit”.

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