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“Everyone is supporting our strike”-Sujan Chakraborty

by Kolkata Today
"Everyone is supporting our strike"-Sujan Chakraborty

CPM leader and Jadavpur MLA Sujan Chakraborty took the initiative for the success of the strike on Friday. Held walk in a couple of protest rallies on Friday. He was also present at the railway station after a line blockage by a supporter.

He said,” People have supported our strike. They are saying that they want to get involved in the strike. But they had to go to work. So they are involved with us for a certain period of time. We had also let them go and had not obstructed any transport. Because we are working for the benefit of the people. We don’t create problems for people like the government. Everyone is supporting our strike because they feel, the way the police acted yesterday, was not right”.

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