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Fifa World Cup 2022: Which team has the potential to become the champion of the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Fifa World Cup 2022 champion

by Soumadeep Bagchi

The journey of FIFA World Cup 2022 is now at a very exciting turn. The teams of Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Morocco, Croatia, Portugal and Netherlands are ready to show their mettle in the quarter finals. In these 8 teams, only Morocco and Portugal do not have the experience of playing World Cup finals. At the same time, the Netherlands team reached the final thrice but failed to win the title. Croatia team led by Luka Modric lost to France in the final of FIFA World Cup 2018. The remaining 4 teams have won the World Cup title. Among these, Brazil has become the champion 5 times. Looking at the history of the Brazilian team in the FIFA World Cup, it is being considered as a strong contender for the title. At the same time, on the basis of Killian Mbappe, France is dreaming of winning the second title in a row. The England team under the leadership of Harry Kane has performed amazingly in the last four years. So Argentina is waiting for the magic of its captain Lionel Messi. Messi must not have forgotten the defeat he got from Germany in the final 8 years ago. He would definitely like to add the World Cup title to his list of achievements this time.

Brazil has a golden chance to win the title after 20 years
This time the Brazilian team is not much dependent on its superstar player Neymar. Brazil has scored 7 goals in four matches so far. Among them, Neymar has a goal which has come through a penalty. This time Neymar is getting tremendous support from players like Vinicius Junior, Richarlison, Rodrigo. Richarlison has scored three goals so far. Apart from this, the defenders of the team are also in excellent form. Players like Thiago Silva, Danilo, Alex Sandro have given the opposition team a chance to score only two goals.

Against South Korea, Brazil has warned the opposing teams by scoring four goals in the first half itself. The Brazilian team has reached the quarter-finals for the 8th time in a row. He is facing Croatia. There has been a clash between the two teams twice in the World Cup, in which the bet is in the hands of Brazil. The team adorned with stars like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos made Brazil the FIFA champion in the year 2002. After this, the team got eliminated thrice in the quarter-finals. At the same time, in the year 2014, Brazil had to face a humiliating defeat by Germany 1-7 in the semi-finals.

France will focus on winning the second consecutive World Cup title
Defending champion France has reached the final thrice, winning the title twice. Star striker Karim Bezenma and midfielder Paul Pogba are not in the French team due to injury but it did not affect at all. On the basis of Killian Mbappe, the French team has reached the quarter-finals. Mbappe has scored 5 goals so far. The defenders of the opposing team are looking helpless in front of his speed.

Apart from him, 36-year-old veteran forward Olivier Girard has also scored 3 goals. Winger Ousmane Dembele and Adrien Rabiot are also in tremendous form. France will get a tough challenge from England in the quarter-finals.

England team changed under the leadership of Harry Kane
The England team finished fourth in the FIFA World Cup 2018. This time, under the leadership of coach Gareth Southgate and captain Harry Cain, the England team can win the World Cup title for the second time. England is currently ranked 5th in the FIFA World Rankings. England was successful in winning the FIFA World Cup only once in 1966. Apart from this, in 1990 and 2018 the team was successful in reaching the last 4. Captain Harry Kane has scored 52 goals in 79 matches for England. Last time, due to his 6 goals, the team was able to reach the semi-finals. This time he is getting the support of players like Marcus Rashford, Rahim Sterling and Bukayo Saya. Rashford has scored three goals so far. The England team has scored 12 goals so far.

The England team made it to the final of the European Championship in 2021 but missed out on the title. This time the team is a strong contender to win the title. The team also has veteran players like Harry Maguire, Mason Mount, Kyle Walker, Jaden Sancho and Jordan Henderson.

Argentina team would like to win the title for Messi
Lionel Messi is playing 5th consecutive World Cup. Under his captaincy, the team reached the final in the year 2014 where they had to face defeat from Germany. Messi, who was elected the best player of the world 7 times, is probably playing his last World Cup. Under Messi’s leadership, Argentina won the Copa America title last year, which was the team’s first title win in a major tournament since 1993.

Messi himself is in tremendous form and has scored three goals. He is getting the support of young players Julian Alvarez (2 goals) and Angel Di Maria. Argentina, ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings, will face the Netherlands in the last-8.

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