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Firhad Hakkim alleges BJP using Netaji for politics

by Kolkata Today

Durgapur bridge has been closed for vehicles passing. The bridge will be looked by engineer and it required health test. KMC adminstrator Firhad Hakim said in the matter,” Majherhat bridge was blocked since last two years. So very much loads and pressure has been given to Durgapur bridge. Almost six times more pressure than usual has been given to the bridge. Engineers was having look at the bridge. Now they felt, the bridge should be tested. So it’s will be closed for 2-3 days for security purposes”.

Speaking on reel life Ram, Arun’s Facebook post on Victoria issue, Firhad Hakim said,”Those people has taken the program to a weird level. Sri Ram’s name was misused by them. Mamata Banerjee didn’t disrespect Sri Ram. Narendra Modi’s Government should have been cautious on inviting people who are aware of Bengal culture. They tried to politicise Netaji. Like Modiji came as prime minister, Mamata Banerjee too went as chief minister, not party representative. So they must not insult someone by inviting”.

Firhad Hakim added while responding to Haryana chief minister’s comments,”They don’t know what they are saying. They are doing dirty minded politics. I should say one line for them, ‘Deewana aisa kaam na karo, Ram ka Naam badnaam na karo’.”.

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