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Geeta Jayanti 2022: Who first gave the sermon of Geeta? learn interesting things

Geeta Jayanti 2022

by Soumadeep Bagchi

Geeta Jayanti 2022: Although there are many texts in Hinduism, but Gita has special importance in all of them. Although the Gita is a part of the Mahabharata, it is considered a separate scripture as the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. Only the birth anniversary of this book is also celebrated.

According to religious scriptures, on the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Agahan month, Lord Krishna preached the Gita to the whole world by making Arjuna an instrument in the field of Kurukshetra. It is possible to attain salvation from the Gita, so on this day Mokshada Ekadashi (Mokshada Ekadashi 2022) fast is also observed. This time the festival of Geeta Jayanti (Geeta Jayanti 2022) will be celebrated on December 4, Sunday. Special events are organized in Krishna temples on this date. According to religious texts, apart from Shri Krishna and Arjuna, Gita was spoken and heard many times. On the occasion of Gita Jayanti, we are telling you that, when, by whom, to whom the Gita was preached…

Suryadev first got the teachings of Gita
Everyone believes that Shri Krishna first preached the Gita to Arjuna, but it is not so. When Shri Krishna was preaching to Arjuna, then only he said that he had already given these teachings to Suryadev. Then Arjuna said that Suryadev is an ancient deity, how can you preach to him. Shri Krishna told Arjuna that even before this you and I have been born. That’s why I told this sermon to the Sun God.

Maharishi Ved Vyas to Lord Shri Ganesh
When Maharishi Ved Vyas wrote the Mahabharata, Shri Ganesh scripted it. Maharishi Vedvyas used to recite the verses of Mahabharata and Shri Ganesh used to write them. Meanwhile, Maharishi Ved Vyas also recited the verses of Gita which Shri Ganesh wrote in Mahabharata. During this, Maharishi Ved Vyas preached the Gita to Shri Ganesh.

Sanjay narrated to Dhritarashtra
Dhritarashtra wanted to know the condition of Mahabharata war, for this Maharishi Vedvyas gave the boon of divine vision to his charioteer Sanjay. Here Lord Krishna is preaching Gita to Arjuna, at the same time Sanjay was narrating the incident to King Dhritarashtra with his divine vision.

Vaishampayana killed King Janamejaya
In the dynasty of Pandavas, Janamejaya became the king after King Parikshit. One day Maharishi Vedvyas came to the assembly of Janamejaya, where King Janamejaya asked Maharishi Vedvyasa about his ancestors (Pandavas and Kauravas). Then at the behest of Maharishi Vedvyas, his disciple Vaishampayan narrated the entire Mahabharata in the assembly of King Janamejaya. During this, he also preached the Gita to the people present there.

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