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Amit Shah Announces Govt To Built Fence On Mayanmar Border Soon

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Amit Shah Announces Govt To Built Fence On Myanmar Border Soon

The Home Minister Amit Shah’s decision to tighten security and fence open stretches along the Indo- Myanmar border and treat it like the Bangladesh border was announced today in New Delhi as ethnic conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine state intensified. The increased conflict situation has forced hundreds of soldiers to abandon their posts and flee to seek shelter in India. As per sources, nearly 800 Myanmar Army soldiers have taken refuge in Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district in the past three months, after their camps were overrun by the Arakan Army (AA) militants.

The Arakan Army is an armed group that claims to represent the Rakhine people who are a predominantly Buddhist ethnic minority in the country. Since 2015, the AA has been fighting the Myanmar government for greater autonomy and rights.

First Batch Of New Assam Police Commando Battalions Passing Out Parade

The announcement by the Home Minister was made at the passing out parade of the first batch of the five new Assam Police Commando battalions. He said the Centre is reconsidering the free-movement agreement with Myanmar.

Govt. Reconsidering Free Movement With Myanmar Agreement

“The Government of India will stop the free movement with Myanmar. The India-Myanmar border will be protected like the Bangladesh border,” he declared. Shah also praised the current law and order situation of the country under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi in the last 10 years, and claimed that there has been a significant improvement.

Amit Shah accused the Congress of corruption and nepotism in government jobs during their rule. He asserted that no one has to pay any bribe for employment under the BJP government.

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