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I’m really enjoying what’s going on at this club :Carlo Ancelotti

by Kolkata Today

Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid will face Liverpool in Paris’ Stade de France on Saturday evening in their third appearance in Champions League final.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke about Champions League final match against Liverpool.Real Madrid coach said,“I experience this moment naturally. This game is a sign of our success. We’re aware of the history of this club and what it demands. It was really important for us to get here because we’ve had such a good season and we’re one step away from the top prize. We’ll give it our all. The atmosphere is good, relaxed. The team manages these types of games really well. The veterans help the young players to relax and to look forward to the game with confidence”.

I’m really enjoying what’s going on at this club and with these players. I’m still enjoying things. I’m relaxed and feeling confident.

“We have to approach the game with the aim of showing our ability. What we’ve been able to show this season, we have to do tomorrow too. It’s a massive team commitment, and it’ll come down to individual quality and the players who’ve come in, proven themselves and made the difference. Liverpool will play with intensity. They’re got a lot of talent and play directly. The team that’s capable of showing their quality will win”,Carlo Ancelotti added.
On Real Madrid’s history ,he said ,“We’ve deserved to get to the final. In football, to win it comes down to more than individual quality. You have to show it together, with the commitment of the team that we’ve shown. The club’s history has driven us in moments of difficulty and that’s why we deserve to be in the final. But to win it, we have to deserve to do so tomorrow, there’s no other way”.


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