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KMC will construct houses for the slum dwellers:Firhad Hakkim

by Kolkata Today

Kolkata Municipal Corporation going to construct houses for the slum areas of Kolkata. In the scheme Banglar Bari, houses will be allotted. KMC Adminstrator Firhad Hakim said on the project,” KMC will make houses and give to residents of slum areas in different parts of the city of Kolkata. Flats are being built for those people through the Banglar Bari project. But those who will get the new flat will not be able to sell them within 15 years. In case the owner of the flat dies within 15 years span,then next generation will get the flat”.

Speaking on his vision to make slum free Kolkata, Firhad Hakim said,” We will try to make houses for all the poeple in Kolkata who lives in slum areas. We want to see no slum in the city”.

British Council wants to make Kolkata, the city of literature. Speaking on that Firhad Hakim added,” We will be giving information to officials of British Council from our archive of Kolkata municipal corporation. We will try to gain the respect of KMC archive”.

Firhad concluded,” There are water problems in some parts of Gardenrich area. We are working on it to solve the issue”.

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