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Kuldeep played for India for the first time, took wickets: father kept cutting his hair, said – neither TV nor mobile at the shop, how does he watch

Kuldeep played for India for the first time

by Soumadeep Bagchi

Rewa’s fast bowler Kuldeep Sen made his debut in international cricket on Sunday. He was included in the playing-11 of the first ODI against Bangladesh. Sen is the only international cricketer from Rewa division.

The 26-year-old bowler took 2 wickets in his debut match. However, Kuldeep’s father Rampal Sen could not see his son’s debut. In fact, while the match was going on, Rampal was cutting the hair of customers at his hair cutting salon. Being Sunday, there were more customers. Rampal runs a salon at Sirmaur Square in Rewa.

After the match, when Dainik Bhaskar wanted to know the reaction of Kuldeep’s father Rampal Sen on his son’s performance, he said – I could not even see his match. I do not have TV and mobile in the shop. That’s why I can’t watch the match. Anyway, when the match was coming up, I was in the shop. Now after going home, I will know his performance from the children.

On son’s debut, 55-year-old Rampal Sen said- It is a matter of pride for me that the son is playing in the Indian team after leaving such a small place.

After watching the performance, now let’s take you to Kuldeep’s house… where his brother, younger sister and teammates were watching Kuldeep’s debut match.

Live from home… Brother’s special preparation
Brother had made special preparations for Kuldeep’s debut match. He had invited friends home to watch the match. After the match started, the younger sister also came to watch the match. Everyone was watching the match. But, that enthusiasm was not visible on their faces as Kuldeep remained empty handed in the first spell. However, it was reassuring that at least he got his debut. Everyone kept watching the ball to ball match. As soon as Kuldeep got two wickets in one over, brother’s happiness knew no bounds.

Sen is Rewa’s first international cricketer
Kuldeep is the first international cricketer of Rewa. Before him, Ishwar Pandey was selected in Team India in 2014, but he did not get a chance to debut. Then Team India, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, went on a tour of New Zealand and Pandey returned without a debut cap.

Kuldeep was also part of Team India on the New Zealand tour that ended a few days back. He did not get a chance to debut in the team captained by Shikhar Dhawan. In such a situation, Kuldeep reminded me of Ishwar Pandey.

Started thinking about leaving cricket in lockdown: Coach
Kuldeep’s coach Ariel Antoni told- ‘He has worked very hard and has also been patient. Once the dam of his patience was broken and he started thinking of leaving cricket. Then I told him to continue working hard.
Cricket was closed in the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic and the BCCI had also stopped funding. In such a situation, his family was struggling with financial crisis. Practice was also closed. In such a situation, Kuldeep talked about leaving cricket and looking for a business. He told me to get some work done sir. So I explained to him.

He says- ‘He didn’t even have shoes for practice. I clearly remember that Ishwar Pandey, who was selected in Team India for the 2014 tour of New Zealand, gave him his spikes for the first time, with which Kuldeep used to practice. He also got full support from Anand Singh, who plays Ranji from Jharkhand.

Seeing his dedication and hard work towards the game, I had decided that I would never take a penny from him.

Used to play with a ball of torn socks and a mud bat
Kuldeep’s younger brother Jagdeep told- ‘In childhood, both of us brothers used to play with friends by making a ball of socks and a bat made of laundry mud. School bunk several times. Once, father even beat his brother for bunking school.

Father came to know about cricket when he asked mother for 500 rupees
Jagdeep says that at one time his brother did not even have the money to go for the district level tournament. This is about 2011-12. Then Kuldeep was selected in the district level team. He had to go to Singrauli to play. In such a situation, Kuldeep asked his mother for 500 rupees and the mother told the father. Then the father came to know that Kuldeep plays cricket. However, by then Kuldeep had played many tournaments. After coming to know, the father first scolded and then gave 500 rupees.

Since then father used to save separately for his brother. He used to save a part of whatever he earned during the day. So that when brother needs, he can give. Many times father even had to borrow money from friends.

Now know in brief… how to practice…
Made dumbbells of cement… did weightlifting by filling sand in the bucket
Kuldeep’s younger brother Jagdeep says- Brother was very upset during the lockdown. Even the practice of law was not happening. In such a situation, with the help of coach sir, a small gym was prepared at home. Brother made cement dumbbells and filled sand in a bucket and made a weightlifter with the help of a stick. He used to wake up early in the morning and go for a run on the banks of the Bihar river. To strengthen his legs, he used to climb the wall of the river fast.

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