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Louis Vuitton’s Launches Rs 2.8 Lakh ‘Sandwich Bag’ Leaves Internet Shocked

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Louis Vuitton’s Launches Rs 2.8 Lakh ‘Sandwich Bag’ Leaves Internet Shocked

One of the most-favoured luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton launched a new bag early this year. Creatively named the Sandwich Bag, because it indeed looks like one, the piece has been designed by Pharrell Williams, Men’s Creative Director of the French luxury fashion house. It went on sale on January 4. Williams says for the design of this bag, he took inspiration from a traditional paper sandwich bag.

Louis Vuitton’s ‘Sandwich Bag’ – It Looks So Like A Paper Sandwich Bag!

“The same color as the house’s famed (paper) shopping bags,” the large clutch bag is made of cowhide leather with a neatly folded top. It features the iconic Louis Vuitton lettering and a blue closure to store other valuables or sandwiches.
“The Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag is made from supple cowhide leather in the same color as the House’s famed shopping bags. It features the ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Maison Fondee En 1854’ lettering found on bags from the luxury house.

Inside there’s a zipped pocket and a double-flat pocket to keep things organized”, said Louis Vuitton’s official website about the new product.
The bag’s measurements are 30 centimeters in length, 27 centimeters in height, and 17 centimeters in width, according to Louis Vuitton.

The Unbelievable Price Of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Sandwich Bag’ Stuns Netizens

The outrageous price of the Sandwich Bag has got the internet talking and shaking its head in disbelief. High-end fashion and luxury brands are, of course, well known for their hefty price tags and this one is no different. The Sandwich Bag costs a cool INR 2,80,000.

One X user said, “I feel like designer brands are running out of hand these days don’t you guys think?” Another airing her thoughts, commented, “Gee. A Louis Vuitton “sandwich bag” for more than $3000. On my current lean and mean budget, that’s nearly two years’ worth of food for me.

“Looks like generated with AI,” said a person.

Another wrote, “It’s giving Mc Donald’s.”

“Damn, y’all got Richie rich, luxury brown bag isn’t something I thought the world needed,” said another person, while another remarked, “Perfect for Joey Tribbiani.” For the uninitiated, Joey Tribbiani a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, is a struggling actor who lives in New York.

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