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Mamata Banerjee condemns BJP for buying leaders from Trinamool Congress

by Kolkata Today

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a mega rally at Alipurduar. From the rally, Mamata Banerjee targeted BJP for allegedly buying leaders. She also lashes out at BJP for giving chartered flight for MLAs to join new party.

Hitting out at TMC-turncoat Rajib Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banejree on Wednesday accused him of ‘malpractice’ in appointing several ‘bono sahayak’ (helpers) posts and claimed that an investigation has been initiated on the issue.
Addressing a mega public rally in Alipurduar in North Bengal, Mamata Banerjee said, “One person recently switched to the BJP. I have received several complaints against him. We found several malpractices on his part while appointing ‘bono sahayak’ (helpers) posts. I have ordered a probe.”

Mamata Banerjee slamming Bhartiya janta party said,” See them. They don’t have money for helping migrant workers. They didn’t helped migrants during Covid19 situation when they needed the most. But BJP has money to buy MLAs and sending them personal flight”.

Mamata Banerjee alleging those leader who left Trinamool Congress, added,” We have no place for corrupted people in the party. Those who want to leave the party, just leave it now. We have nothing to be worry about. Ma Mati Manush Sarkar will once again retain its power in the state”.

Taking a dig at BJP, Banerjee added,” BJP is just like gas baloon. They are showing their existence through media. They are using money and agencies to show their existence. You assure me of loving us, I will promise you a nice future”.

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