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More than one marriage is against the law: Javed Akhtar said – If the husband keeps many wives, then the woman also gets the same right

Javed Akhtar

by Gurpreet

Javed Akhtar, the famous personality of geet-ghazals and poetry. The more velvety there is in the writing, the more fearlessness in the issues related to the society. A book has come out on the life of Javed Akhtar. The name is- ‘Jadunama’. Actually Jaadu is the childhood name of Javed Akhtar. This name was taken by his father Jaan Nisar Akhtar from one of his own poems.

On the pretext of ‘Jadunama’, Dainik Bhaskar talked a lot with Javed Akhtar on issues like today’s Hindustan, politics, common civil code bill, life, poetry, OTT burglary in the film world.

On the Common Civil Code Bill, Javed Akhtar took a dig at the Muslim Personal Law. Said- Muslim personal law is allowed to have more than one wife, it is against equality. If the husband can keep many wives, then the woman should also get the same right. It is against our law to marry more than one. If someone wants to maintain their traditions, then keep it, but no compromise with the constitution will be tolerated.

He said- ‘I already follow the Common Civil Code. I will give equal property to my daughter and son. According to the Muslim Personal Law, if a divorce takes place, then after 4 months the husband is not bound to pay alimony to the wife. this is wrong.

Tell those who issue the Common Civil Code, do they believe in it?
Javed Akhtar says questioningly- ‘I want to know whether the politicians who are talking about common civil code, do they give equal share in property to their sisters and daughters? The draft of the Common Civil Code should come first. In a country as large and diverse as India, can there be one law? This is also a matter of debate. If someone has personal law then so be it, but if I have to choose between personal law and the constitution, I will keep the constitution ahead.

‘Strange tension in the society, it did not grow, it was prepared’
On the question of creating an atmosphere of hatred in India, Javed Akhtar said- ‘I think there is a strange tension in the society, this tension has not grown from the ground. It has been prepared. Media also helps in maintaining it.

If you do a DNA test of any Indian, you will come to know that 8-10 generations ago, the ancestors of all Indians were farmers. The farmer is always middle way. It is never extreme. Whether it is about here or there, he remains in the middle.

Expressing regret over the increasing use of metaphors like Tukde-Tukde Gang, Anti-National, Urban Naxal, Javed Saheb said- ‘If you are against the government, are you a traitor? This is totally wrong. Even before 2014, there was a government. Governments come, governments go. The opposition always speaks against the government, that is its job.

‘Language’s dignity and culture should be preserved’
Javed Saheb seems angry with the controversy over the participation of Bollywood celebs in Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. He said- ‘When a political party will travel, the other party will oppose it. Everyone has the right to speak their mind in a democracy, but some language has its own dignity and culture, they should be taken care of.

‘You have to ask how many men were there’
Small children magically look back at the journey of 77-year-old Javed Sahab, instead of getting emotional, they say- ‘The reality is that I am 77 years old.’ They laugh out loud, then say- This is the truth. All the people who have been involved in my life, brothers, friends, family, producers, professionals, the book ‘Jadunama’ has come together with all of them.

When we asked what would a film dialogue writer say on this book? Got the answer ‘I don’t think this book is the work of one man, so I have to ask how many men were there.’

Do you feel there is more to be written or is Armaan no more? Javed Sahab gets serious on this question. After thinking for a moment, he says, ‘Many times I feel that I could have written a lot, but a lot is still inside, which I am trying to put on paper.’

‘Language is a flowing river, keep in mind that it should not become a drain’
Talking about the poetry, life and thinking of the new generation, Javed saheb looks very progressive. It is said- ‘Even 50 years ago, people used to say that what used to happen earlier, is no longer there. Even today old people talk about the same thing. The truth is that language is a flowing river, it does not stop. New streams keep getting added to it.

During the conversation, we used the word ‘Alphazon’, then Javed Sahab interrupted and said that the word ‘Alphazon’ is wrong, it is the plural of the word itself. One has to take care that the flowing river does not become a drain with such words. This responsibility is yours.

Saying this, he recalled his poem ‘Waqt’-

They are like leaves floating on the surface of flowing water, they are here, they are there, they are there, they are not visible, but this is something that is flowing, what kind of river is this?

In the recent times, neither the stars are getting ready from the films, nor the collections are booming at the box office. Why this lethargy? Got the answer- ‘Even the producer’s actor is shocked and troubled by this new era. I believe the reason for this is that new stories are not coming in Bollywood. Most of the hit films are either remakes or South films. Bollywood will have to find new stories.

When the talk went on about OTT content, Javed Saheb got excited and said that I myself like OTT content.

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