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Our government is people’s government:Mamata Banerjee

by Kolkata Today

West Bengal Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjee innagurates housing project for tea garden workers at North Bengal. She also marked her presence in mass wedding ocassion of tribal people of North Bengal at Falakata.

While addressing the audience after mass wedding ceremony of tribal youths and girls, Mamata Banerjee said,” This program has been arranged by West Bengal police. Those who started new journey today, my best wishes to them”.

Speaking on housing project, Mamata Banerjee added,” Many people talk about our tea gardens. But no one came for support. We have handed contract paper go 4600 people in Cha Sundari project. We will give houses to 264151 people. It’s cost us arround 500cr rupees. Delhi only gives lecture before vote. But this is Maa Mati Manush government, who works for the people”.

Speaking on new initiatives, Banerjee added,” Falakata will be made Municipality. Maynaguri too will be made Municipality. This program was from police. We had done such program at Maldah. You all will get free ration. Everyone will receive Swastho Sathi card. Our government is people’s government. Farmers Government. BJP just spread rumour. We opened 9 tea estates. What has BJP done will so many MP?”.

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