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PM Modi To Inaugurate Atal Setu, India’s Longest Sea Bridge, On January 12

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PM Modi To Inaugurate Atal Setu, India's Longest Sea Bridge, On January 12

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Maharashtra tomorrow will inaugurate the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL).

The nation’s longest sea bridge known as Atal Setu is a 22 km long stretch connecting Mumbai with Navi Mumbai. It will be opened for public use by the Prime Minister at around 3:30 pm on January 12 in Mumbai.

The bridge which has been under construction since 2018 is expected to drastically reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, a journey that takes approximately two hours largely due to heavy traffic.

According to an official statement, Atal Setu has been constructed at a total cost of more than INR 17,840 crore. It is about 21.8 km long and has six lanes. It has witnessed the use of new materials and technology in bridge construction for the first-time ever in India.

Set To Be the Nation’s Longest Bridge And Sea Bridge

Atal Setu will run for about 16.5 kilometers length over sea and about 5.5 kilometres on land, making it the longest bridge in India and as well as the nation’s longest sea bridge.

“The bridge will provide faster connectivity to Mumbai International Airport and Navi Mumbai International Airport and will also reduce the travel time from Mumbai to Pune, Goa and South India. It will also improve connectivity between Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port,” the official statement on the inauguration said.

New Connectivity Between Mumbai And Navi Mumbai Expected To Bring Relief To Commuters

This connectivity between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is set to bring significant relief to the residents of both cities, relieving them from the constant burden of traffic congestion.

The maximum speed limit on Atal Setu will be limited to 100 kmph for four-wheelers, as per a police announcement made on Wednesday.

Motorcycles, autorickshaws, and tractors will be prohibited from using the sea bridge, the police said, report sources. The speed limit for cars, taxis, light motor vehicles, minibuses, and two-axle buses will be 100 kmph, but limited to 40 kmph on the ascent and descent of the bridge. The speed limit has been set by Mumbai Police in order to prevent “danger, obstructions and inconvenience to the public”.

To utilize the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, motorists will have to pay a toll fee of INR 250 for a one-way trip and INR 375 for a round trip.

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