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Sourav Ganguly is fine now :Dr Aftab Khan

by Kolkata Today

BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly adviced to take rest after second Stenting process. He was discharged from hospital on Sunday. He underwent second procedure of stenting in Thursday. After releasing Sourav from hospital doctor gave update on his condition.

Speaking with media, Dr Aftab Khan said,” Sourav suffered cardiac attack on 2nd of January. He was admitted in a hospital. He underwent first insertion of stent. On Wednesday he came here. We diagnosed him and decided to put two stent in his left artery. After his second Stenting process he was fine. He had done uneventful recovery. He is fine right now and will be able to work according to his normal routine from a few days later”.

Hospital CEO Rana  Dasgupta said,” Sourav is fine now. He don’t have any issue. He is quite fit enough to go home so we released him. He was a very nice patient for us. Dr.Aftab Khan did his stenting. He will advice him to come to hospital for checkup when needed. He has also given advice for rest to Sourav”.

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