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Sovan-Baishakhi shown Black Flags in Behala

by Kolkata Today

BJP leader Sovan Chatterjee shown black flags in his own yards. Sovan Chatterjee and Baisakhi Banerjee were going for a rally at Behala. While own there way, they were shown black flags. Not only that, Sovan Chatterjee and Baisakhi Banerjee’s poster, banners were also vandalised. Their convoy was slowed down due to protest of the ruling party supporters.

Sovan Chatterjee showed his disappointment over the whole issue. Sovan challenged that he will not let Partha Chatterjee go to Assembly, winning from Behala West Constituency. Sovan Chatterjee said,”Parth Chatterjee on Sunday around 3pm has done the biggest mistake of his life. What he did with me today, he will have to pay for this. He should be ashamed of this. Remember one thing, an injured tiger is also dangerous. I am challenging him, I won’t let him go to the assembly from Behala West Constituency”.

Sovan added,” Once he said to me, that I gave success to Amit Shah Ji’s rally. Now I would like to say him, that he had proved what Bhartiya Janta party is. He had helped us to get success in organising rally. The more his men will vandalise our property, the more our people will get motivation”.

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