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Subrata Mukherjee speaking on the success of the Duare Sarkar campaign

by Kolkata Today

Duare Sarkar campaign to go on for fifth phase. Previously it was decided that the campaign will go on for for phase. But for the benefit of people, the campaign will go on till the first week of February. State minister Subrata Mukherjee said at a press conference along with Dinesh Trivedi. Subrata Mukherjee said,” Already four stages of duare Sarkar campaign has started. Now fifth stage will start soon. Each and everyone of the start will get help. People are quite happy with the campaign. Already 75% card has been given to the applicants”.

Subrata Mukherjee revealed the number of people got benifit from various government schemes. Mukherjee added, “More than 13 lacs have been enrolled for Khadyasathi. Near about 3 lac Student will get Kanyashree. 15 lacs women will get old age and Widow pension”.

Responding to opposition’s attack on Duare Sarkar campaign, Subrata Mukherjee said,”Opponents are saying ‘Jomer Duare Sarkar’, people will decide. May be we could not help 100%, but 1% might not get help. But the way opponents are trying to spread negativity it’s not right. Mamata Banerjee is trying. It’s a big campaign. It will take time”.

Showing disappointment over lathi charge of police in Dehli, Mukherjee added,” The incident in delhi was disappointing. Centre’s in co operative mentality is reason behind this. We want the law should be abandoned. Farmers were not given proper information about the law”.

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