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Suvendu Adhikari slams TMC for corruption

by Kolkata Today

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari visits Digha for mega rally. From the rally, Suvendu Adhikari slammed TMC workers for hooliganism. He said, “Trinamool Congress workers here are dangerous. They are destroying Digha culture. If you protest against their activities or support any other party than TMC, then they are trying to destroy them or to sack them from their work”.

Speaking on corruption of TMC workers, Suvendu added,”Couple of years back TMC workers used to come in market with cycle. Now they are roaming with cars and crore of rupees. They are getting money, while poors remained poor”.

Voter have left Trinamool. Now minister’s are leaving party. If didi leaves then it’s resignation. If other leaves then they are traitor. TMC

is using corrupted and convicted leaders for the Election campaign”.

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