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Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed crossed all limits of boldness in backless shirt, users were stunned to see

by Soumadeep Bagchi
urfi-javed backless dress

Urfi Javed, who experiments with her clothes everyday in the fashion world, is often dominated on social media. TV actress turned social media sensation Urfi is known for her fashion sense and style. She creates panic on social media with her looks. Every time her new style brings the actress into the limelight, which also leaves people by surprise. Recently, Urfi, who was seen wearing a transparent dress, has once again raised the mercury of the internet with her new look, after which she has come under the target of netizens.

Actually, Urfi, who is in the headlines due to her unusual clothes, has recently shared a new video on Instagram, in which a never-seen-before look of her has surfaced. This is one such look of Urfi, in which Urfi is seen crossing all limits of boldness as always. In this new video shared by Urfi, she is seen donning a full sleeve shirt in such a way that everyone was surprised. Urfi is wearing a shirt as in front, which is tied around his waist with the help of a string. His look is backless.

While sharing the video, Urfi also wrote a caption with it, which is as strange as her dress. Urfi wrote, ‘So you don’t need to wear a shirt to wear shirt!’ That is, you don’t have to wear a shirt to wear it. This look of Urfi has stunned his followers. People are making different types of comments on this video, where some are calling him a star, while some are scolding him. But as always the number of trolls is high.

Only after this video surfaced, Urfi has once again been targeted by everyone. He has got an influx of trolls, who are giving him different types of advice and are taking classes of Urfi. One user wrote – ‘You are not ashamed to put such videos.’ At the same time, the other wrote- ‘Take care of something, shameless the respect of your parents somewhere.’ Another wrote, ‘I am wondering where can I wear this dress….Funeral…Think.’

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