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We will move forward not backwards :Biman Bose

by Kolkata Today

Congress and Left front met at Congress office on Monday for understanding in seat sharing issue in upcoming assembly election in Bengal .Left and Congress will go together as alliance in the upcoming polls of West Bengal. After the meeting, The leaders of both party revealed that seat sharing between Congress and Left has come near conclusion.

Left front Chairman Biman Bose said,”Today we met here. We talk seat by seat. The understanding has been done. A bit of discussion needed. But there will be no problem with INC. Everything will be sorted out through discussion. When there is discussion with many parties, everyone should speak common words. ISF has joined. We have to make some understanding with them. So we are taking time. We will move forward not backwards”.

On Sunday, there was a controversy after ISF Supremo Abbas Siddiqui entered the brigade rally. Congress veteran leader Adhir Chowdhury denied to give his speech further. But left leaders came to damage control. A day later Adhir Chowdhury along with other senior leaders of the party met together in seat sharing issue.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said,” We had a chat on the seat sharing. Mainly we talked about the seat which two party won last year. The left and Congress alliance has not got a new party. So we need to discuss further to give them seat. But within couple of days Congress will declare the list of first phase. Already we had reserved 90-92 seats”.

Speaking on Sunday’s controversy at Brigade, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said,” When any other party wants to get in, we have to give them seat. Congress will leave seat after securing 92 seats. May be everyone thought that I was angry. But no, it’s not like that. When a leader comes, his followers welcomes him. It waa just like that. So nothing for me to get angry”.

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