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Werewolf By Night Review: The New Uproar of Horror in the Stories of the MCU, Marvel’s Werewolf Before the ‘Wolf’

by Soumadeep Bagchi
werewolf by night review

In Hindu beliefs, the reverence that is revealed to the ancestors on the days of Shradh is similar to what happens on the night of Halloween (Halloween) in some western countries. Halo means saint and een means eve i.e. eve. On this eve of All Saints Day, people take different forms of horror and remember the departed souls. Ahead of Halloween Night (October 31) this year, Marvel Studios has also put on a new disguise. Going far from our traditions. By welcoming a werewolf into their artificial world of superheroes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Stories like ‘Hulk’, ‘Wanda Vision’ and ‘Doctor Strange 2’ had indicated that everything is not going to be beautiful, smooth and saloon in the MCU. He has been decided to appear in the next story of Spiderman in ‘Venom 2’. But, this time Marvel has come up with a 52-minute horror film ‘Werewolf by Night’, which is about to open a new portal of terrifying demons in the MCU.

Horror with ascendance, descent from music: Werewolf By Night Review

‘Werewolf by Night’ was introduced as a Halloween surprise at the D23 fan event in Anaheim, USA. At the same time, its poster was also released and since then the fans of MCU were waiting for it. Didn’t know whether it would be a film or a series. And if the film would be so small, Marvel fans would hardly have even guessed it. The film ‘Werewolf by Night’ is a new experiment in cinema. A sort of purging of Marvel’s computer graphics-equipped movies. The special effects here are just in name. The way of telling the story is similar to the films of the fourth, fifth decade of the last century, everything is black and white except for one last scene. The story is directed by Michael Giacchino, whose fame has been more of a capable musician. And, what kind of cinema a musician should make when he really takes the initiative to say cinema, can be learned from the film ‘Werewolf by Night’.

Werewolf By Night Review: This is the story of the lamp and the devil

The film ‘Werewolf by Night’ is the story of one night. This is the same night when the wolf hidden in the human body comes out. On the night of Raktim Chand (Blood Moon) some hunters have gathered in an old mansion. They have come to mourn the death of the biggest hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. There has been a miraculous stone of the same name near Bloodstone. And, according to his intention, the inheritance of this Bloodstone will be passed on to the most capable hunter after him. He does not hand over this inheritance to his daughter, who has not received the news of his discovery for a long time. Yes, according to his wish, he definitely gets a chance to participate in the competition to get this bloodstone. Daughter is smart. The hunters have to hunt a giant scary creature (Monster). And, the most capable of these hunters, Jack’s motives change the whole game. Bloodstone’s daughter and she become friends. Together they help the gigantic creature escape, and what happens next leaves a new shadow for the upcoming MCU movies.

New Portal of MCU Stories: Werewolf By Night Review

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the theatrical juice named Horror i.e. fear has started appearing in recent films. In the mansion of the film ‘Werewolf by Night’, the heads of all the demons are seen hanging on the walls. These have been reflected in different stories of the MCU. But, the biggest demon among them is the male wolf (werewolf) who appears at the end of this story. This story has come to the fore in the MCU era where the meaning of this film is to add many new characters to the stories to come. The 52-minute film is going to revive the characters of Marvel Comics who have been denied entry into the MCU till now. Marvel Comics used to have a strong line of horror comics as well when sold under the name Atlas Comics, with stories entering the MCU at a point where almost every other MCU movie looks the same. A few days ago, outside Karan Johar’s cabin at the Dharma Productions office, a quote was found written outside Karan Johar’s cabin, which means, ‘Art is what pacifies the distracted and disturbs the quiet’. This is what Kevin Feige said in the film ‘Werewolf by Night’. has done.

Poetry directed by Michael Giacchino
Marvel Studios’ film ‘Werewolf by Night’, which does not look like Marvel Studios film, is such an experiment of telling stories on screen whose beauty can be understood only by watching it. The poetic style in which Michael Giacchino has composed a horror story is commendable. His direction and music composition is the soul of the film. The cinematography and editing are also awesome. Keeping full focus on the story of the film, it is a matter of courage to repeat the filmmaking of the early days in the 21st century, but in the ‘timeline’ in which the story of the film ‘Werewolf by Night’ is taking place, such cinema could have been most effective. And Giacchino has met this criterion a hundred percent.

Beauty and the Beast’s new metaphor
And, it deserves praise, Gael Garcia Bernal as Jack in the film ‘Werewolf by Night’ and Laura Donnelly as Bloodstone’s daughter Alyssa. Jack and Alyssa’s relationship ends in Beauty and the Beast’s ending. There is freshness in the acting of Gael García Bernal. His character looks scared from the beginning, but is this fear from himself or from the outside world?

That’s it for the Werewolf By Night Review, hope you liked it. Tell in the comment section.

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