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Bigg Boss 16: Due to Sajid Khan, the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ are getting all the Lashback

by Soumadeep Bagchi

Bigg Boss 16 has exploded the bomb even before Diwali by bringing filmmaker Sajid Khan to the show. This explosion is so tremendous that it has echoed from Bollywood to social media. One after the other allegations have started being made against Sajid Khan. Some are calling him a serial molester and some are saying that he should be thrown out of the show as soon as possible or else the Big Boss boycott will start in the country.

Angry over Sajid Khan’s entry

In fact, on the day of the premiere of Bigg Boss 16, when Sajid was entered as the last contestant, people started asking why he took it. Sajid also narrated his sad story in front of the show’s host Salman Khan that no work is giving him for 4 years. But why he did not mention this plight, so let us tell you.

Protest Due to #Metoo

It happened that some time ago when the MeToo movement was going on in the country, about 9 girls came forward and accused Sajid of sexual abuse. It was not just allegations, the actress openly told how Sajid used to try to make newcomers to the industry a victim of his lust. Bigg Boss ex-contestant and actress Mandana Karimi said goodbye to Bollywood against the decision to cast Sajid in the show.

Demand for removal from the show

Mandana Karimi wrote on social media – I am leaving Bollywood. I am just not working in Bollywood right now. I can’t live in a place where women don’t get respect. Now people’s anger has also erupted against Colors channel, which has shown dozens of serials talking about protecting the honor of women. People are cursing the makers of Big Big and threatening to throw Sajid out of the show as soon as possible.

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