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CM Mamata Banerjee Injured In Car Accident On Way To Kolkata

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CM Mamata Banerjee Injured In Car Accident On Way To Kolkata

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday suffered a minor forehead injury in Purba Bardhaman while her car was on its way to GT Road.

According to available reports, the car in which she was travelling had to be braked suddenly to avoid a collision with another vehicle. This resulted in Banerjee’s head hitting the windscreen of the car as she was seated in the front seat beside the driver.

Chopper Could Not Take Off Due To Adverse Weather Today

The chief minister had to travel by road as her helicopter could not take off owing to bad weather conditions in the state today.

At the time of the report, Banerjee was being brought back to the state capital, Kolkata. where doctors will attend to her. The CM was in Purba Bardhaman to chair an administrative review meeting.

“Shortly after leaving the venue a car strayed into the convoy and her driver had to apply the brakes abruptly to avoid a collision. She was seated beside the driver, as she always sits in the front seat,” the police informed media. “The Chief Minister was tossed forward and her head hit the windshield,” they said.

Congress Party’s “Full And Speedy Recovery” Wish For Mamata Banerjee

The Congress party wished her a speedy recovery.

“We have just heard of the injury suffered by Mamata Banerjeeji in a car accident. We wish her a full and speedy recovery,” senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh posted on X handle.

He also posted on the Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra that will enter Bengal tomorrow. “The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is looking forward to entering West Bengal tomorrow late morning. January 26 and 27th being break days, the Yatra will resume on the 28th,” he added.

Notably, Mamata Banerjee called out earlier about how the Congress party had not had the courtesy to inform her about the yatra coming to Bengal though both were members of the INDIA bloc.

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