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Did Hrithik Roshan Dating Saba Azad ?

by Kolkata Today


 Did Hrithik Roshan & The Mystery


Hrithik Roshan has kept his fans guessing over his relationship status for the last few days. He was snapped holding hands with Saba Azad while exiting a restaurant in Mumbai’s suburbs. The actor has not yet commented but rumours are rife that he is dating Saba.


Now, according to a report in Mid-Day, the actor has reportedly been keeping the relationship under warps for months.

A source told Mumbai Mirror that the couple went to Goa for some quiet moments last month. “Their friendship has blossomed into something really special,” the source said.


Was Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend Saba in the background of the pictures clicked by the paparazzi, as a fan or two speculated on social media? Or could it be that someone close to Saba tipped them off, which tends to imply that ‘the couple’ wanted to make it public? How did they meet, when they haven’t worked together till now?


Saba initially seemed very friendly and cordial with Bollywood fans, but quickly changed her stance when asked about her relationship with Hrathik, saying: “Sorry, I am in the middle of something.”

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At no point did she deny that she was not with him, nor did she say that she had broken up with him. We waited for her to call us back but she never did and we decided to go ahead with the story anyway.

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