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Kolkata’s Hasta Shilpo Mela-2023

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Kolkata's Hasta Shilpo Mela-2023

Kolkata’s Hasta Shilpo Mela-2023

From handlooms to basketry, from kantha (patched cloth embroidery in simple running stitch) to dhokara, from terracotta to stamped leather and many more, the list of West Bengal’s crafts is varied and endless. The state is well-known in India and around the world for its rich culture and heritage of craftsmanship. It is a matter of pride for denizens of the state that collectively, they have preserved the decades and century-long traditions and representations of authentic craftsmanship. No home in Bengal is complete without a couple of the state’s craftworks finding a prominent place in its décor.

If you love Bengal’s handicrafts, head straight to the ongoing 2023 Hasta Shilpa Mela in New Town’s Eco Park today. It is a one-stop destination for a mind-boggling range of crafts. Home decoration objects, sarees and apparel, garden ware, travel essentials, fashion must-haves, handmade jewelry, gift items, there’s so much on display and sale there.

Kolkata New Town’s popular Eco Park is the venue of the annual Hasta Shilpa Mela where artisans come to display and sell their ware. The cozy afternoon sun is just right for browsing and picking up stuff that catches your eye. Or, if you are not keen on shopping just amble along and watch the artisans at their craft. It’s so de-stressing!

It is a time for winter carnival celebration with pretty and colorful stalls, enthusiastic visitors, and so much to explore and learn firsthand.

Also known as Kolkata’s Handicrafts Fair, you will likely find something that really catches your eyes and begs to be picked up and taken home. From So go ahead and buy some pieces for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones as the season for gifting and festivities is right here.

Hasta Shilpa Mela is the place to all kinds of handicrafts shopping (especially from the state) in one place.

To enter the premises, go from Gate No. 1 of Eco Park. It is the perfect time to simply spend a relaxed time exploring the handicrafts in stalls there. Plan a day with your family and friends. Introverts can enjoy a solo date exploring the fair, checking out the variety of huge collections.

Artisans, both new and established, from across West Bengal come to Eco Park to organise stalls and present their work (learned across generations) and craftsmanship to visitors.

Some categories that you should not miss –

  • Sarees famous in different parts of West Bengal
  • Dolls including masks
  • Stamped leather
  • Terracotta craft
  • Stone art
  • Scroll painting (Pata Chitra)

How can a fair in Bengal not have a dedicated food arena? So, there is a food court to serve your cravings. From shingara to cha, biryani to roll, there are lots of options to take care of if you’re in the mood for nibbles!

The details:

Date: On till December 17, 2023

When: Timings are from 1 PM – 8.30 PM

Ticket Cost: Entry to Hasta Shilpa Mela is Free

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