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Rajib Banerjee criticises state government on unemployment issues

by Kolkata Today

Rajib Banerjee addressed mega joining rally at Baruipur on Tuesday. Diamond Harbour  MLA Dipak Halder joined Bhartiya Janta party at the rally.

From the mega rally of Bhartiya Janta party, Newly joined leader Rajib Banerjee while addressing the media said,” Baruipur’s land is holy and will be unbeaten land for us. Some people was showing black flags to us, which shows what situation Trinamool Congress are in. They don’t have any political courtesy. We will win by as many votes, as many rumours you will spread against us”.

Trinamool Congress workers are now depressed, feels Rajib. He added,” Trinamool Congress have depression inside their party. Youths of Bengal are not getting any permanent jobs. There are 5 lakh vacant place for jobs during the current government. BJP will give jobs to solve unemployment issues”.

Taking further dig at Trinamool Congress on industrial issue, Rajib concluded,” This government has not taken steps to solve unemployment issue. Industry is needed to solve the issue. But there is no industry here. What left front did for years . This government is doing the same. I do politics for people. Then why will I betray with them?”.

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