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Rajiv Banerjee claims to hold his patience

by Kolkata Today

The ‘distance’ of the Trinamool Congress leadership with Rajiv Banerjee is no longer a new issue. Rather, there is growing speculation about Rajiv’s possible defection. Will the forest minister of the Trinamool government join the BJP? Rajib’s widely circulated Facebook Live on Saturday which says the forest minister is still measuring the water. He is hurt but did not break completely.

The state mimister has not attended the last four meetings of the cabinet. He has also been absent from the party program. Occasionally he sings out loud about the work of the team with negative comments. Trinamool general secretary Partha Chatterjee’s called him at his house and met twice. Firhad Hakim also tried to solve the problem by talking to him once. But the party tune did not make much sound in to Rajiv’s throat. When Rajiv announced the date of his arrival on Facebook Live, there was speculation that the Forest Minister might announce his next plan, explaining the reason for the distance created with the party.

But no new direction was found on his Facebook Live on Saturday. One sentence in it is rather significant. He said, ‘I am still holding patience.’ That means Rajib is keeping the way open.

But the opposite can also happen. Keeping the speculation alive, the state forest minister can go in the opposite direction like ‘Shatabdi Express’.

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