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Suvendu Adhikary slams TMC on corruption issues

by Kolkata Today

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari addressed a press conference at Noapara on Wednesday. He targeted Trinamool Congress on corruption issue.

He said, “Barrackpore  industrial belt, people of Barrackpore, Noapara jas proved that they are with Narendra Modi, they are with BJP and Arjun Singh. BJP leader Sanmay Banerjee, Arjun Singh was harassed. Mamata Banerjee is paying per day 2 crore rupees to newspapers, So they are not writing against Trinamool Congress private limited. Now Mamata Banerjee will make lines of sister. Domjur, Uttarpara will became her sister as well. She has changed the party to private limited. Why will we accept her Nephew, who collects illegal money?”.

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