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Google’s 25th Anniversary: ‘Most Searched Playground’ Game and Short Montage!

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Google's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Have you searched on Google today? The multi-featured search engine “helps you find exactly what you are looking for” is commemorating its 25th anniversary by offering users an engaging fun game that dwells on the most sought-after people, places, and moments throughout its history of 25 years.

As part of the celebration, Google unveiled an interactive doodle featuring an interesting game called the “most searched playground.” This game showcases the top 25 most searched individuals, locations, and events over the past two decades and a half.

Viral Kohli Leads Among The Most-Searched Cricketers On Google

In the game, users are taken on a journey through a virtual playground where they discover key figures that have dominated search trends. Among the top names are Cristiano Ronaldo as the most searched athlete while Virat Kohli leads among cricketers. American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift secures the top spot in the category.

The game presents a huge playground filled with clues on the left, creatively depicted as tiny doodles. These clues include mentions such as Barbie as the most-searched toy, BTS as the most-searched boy band, and Albert Einstein as the most-searched scientist, and challenges players to identify them within the virtual space.

Search trends revealed in the game included Spider-Man holding the title of the most searched superhero since 2004 and Pikachu holding the top spot among all Pokemon.

Google Releases Short Montage On The Occasion

Google has also released a short montage titled “25 Years in Search: The Most Searched.” The video commences with Neil Armstrong’s historic moon landing and guides viewers through various significant moments, from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to influential personalities such as Tina Turner, Bono, and Malala Yousafzai.

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