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La Liga:Real Madrid dances to Barcelona

Ancelotti's team wins the Classic with a smarter than brilliant performance against a Barça ruined by his Defence

by Kolkata Today

Ancelotti’s team wins the Classic with a smarter than brilliant performance against a Barça ruined by his Defence. They marked Benzema, Valverde, Rodrygo and Ferran, Kroos was the head of the party.

The party’s forensic report will clearly reveal that Barça died for lack of defensive intensity and Madrid won by tactical and hit intelligence. Also because there are still no midfielders who cough Modric and Kroos. The German was the head of the Classic. He played what he wanted. The party also revealed that the young people of Madrid are more made, especially Vinicius, Valverde and Rodrgyo, who will appear in the book of honour of triumph. Barça arrived with the Champions League stick on his back and took a long time to get up after receiving the first goal. Only in the end did he really go for Madrid, but he was already out of time. Xavi will have to make more way by walking.

The start of the game came to confirm what was already known. Barça pressed up with a more point of moderation than usual because he was aware of where he was and Madrid alternated harassment with waiting. Ancelotti’s team is able to play in many ways, even in the same game. An arrhythmia that baffles, but with an almost unique mouth: Vinicius, a soccer player who saves the preambles. The thing was at a point of balance when Kroos took the ball near the left wing, Busquets swayed to stop him and the German’s pass to Vinicius ended up being fateful. The Brazilian left like a plane from Sergi Roberto’s back, his shot after a last bad control was saved by Ter Stegen and rejected him reached Benzema, the worst possible client for Barça. The Frenchman sent his shot between three Blaugrana defenders in front of the firing squad to the net.

Valverde’s missile

Until then, little had happened. A shot from Raphinha at the hands of Lunin and another from Vinicius that poisoned a touch on Raphinha itself. Madrid, of course, had escaped with some ease (that’s why it has Modric and Kroos; fantastic the first half of the German) from Barça’s ambushes extending a lot to its sides and Xavi’s team had not found its extremes or Lewandowski, who lived offside. This is how he was about to score (no Sánchez Martínez pointed out) in a superb Raphinha pass. At an empty door he sent his shot to the uninhabited bottom of the Bernabéu. A rarity. By then, Barça had already reacted to the orders of Pedri, who has the team’s road map, and Madrid had retreated without dissimulation. It is customary in recent times that I leave things halfway. Not this time. At the worst
moment of the whites, Vinicius found himself in a danger area surrounded by azulgranas and there he had the temper that he lacked at the beginning of his career. I wait for Tchoumeni, he opened Mendy and the side saw Valverde arrive at the edge of the area. From there he put an impossible missile for Ter Stegen. He immediately had a similar De Jong, but on his right there is less gunpowder than in that of the Uruguayan.

In the midst of depression, Xavi made three changes. Within 30′ seconds of entering, Gavi was already looking for a fight with Mendy. At the minute he had made a foul. It was the defibrillator that his technician was looking for. Then Ansu Fati entered, another of those who come from the future. It turned out to be half. Barça began to lock up Madrid without too much conviction, although it gave him to ask for a penalty for Carvajal’s friction to Lewandowski (half fainting, half penalty) and for a big shot from Dembélé, Barça’s ghost threat.
The rest of the movements ran aground to the edge of the area until in an hospitalisation of Ansu he put a ball in the second post to Ferran, who scored at an empty goal. So Madrid ended up confined to their area, as so many times, until in one of its outings Eric García made a penalty to Rodrygo, ignored by Sánchez Martínez and detected by the VAR, which the Brazilian, with Benzema replaced, transformed. And so Madrid regained the lead and Barça was left with depression.

By Fernando Perez
(Spanish Football Analyst )

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