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New Security Measures for Parliament After the Breach

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Security Breach In Parliament

Following a significant breach in the Parliament security, notable changes were witnessed in its security protocols on Thursday, including stringent measures that mandate the removal of shoes for those entering the premises. Security personnel stationed at the outer gates now insist on shoe removal, despite conducting thorough frisking of incoming visitors within the campus.  The checks are to be as thorough as for air travel passengers.

Earlier, the focus of security personnel did not typically involve the removal of shoes upon entering the Parliament premises. The new security arrangement mirrors airport procedures, requiring shoes—especially long or leather boots—to be opened during security checks. This decision comes in the wake of the arrest of Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma, who breached Parliament security, jumped from the visitors’ gallery in the Lok Sabha, and discharged concealed smoke canisters from their shoes. It took place on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Parliament of India on December 13, 2001.

The enhanced security measures apply uniformly to Parliament staff and accredited media personnel entering based on individual passes. Additionally, a restriction has been imposed on media, requiring them to stand approximately 50-60 meters away from the ‘Makar Dwar’ entry gate, primarily used by legislators.

Four persons were apprehended under the anti-terror Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) in connection with Wednesday’s security breach at Parliament. Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma breached the Lok Sabha security while Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde were detained outside Parliament premises after similarly releasing smoke canisters.

In response to the breach, the Lok Sabha Secretary General wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs, leading to a halt on issuing passes for the visitor’s; gallery until further notice.

Following a request from the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the Ministry of Home Affairs initiated an inquiry into the security breach, forming a committee led by Central Reserve Police Force Director General Anish Dayal Singh, comprising members from various security agencies and experts. This committee aims to investigate the reasons behind the breach, identify lapses, and propose corrective actions, with a focus on enhancing Parliament security.

Moreover, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla spoke with political party leaders regarding the security breach, acknowledging the concerns raised by the Opposition. He assured a comprehensive review of security measures.

The breach, occurring on the anniversary of the Parliament terror attack, witnessed the intrusion of two people into the well of the Lower House. They released yellow gas from canisters that they appeared to pull out of their shoes and chanted slogans, throwing the house into chaos during Zero Hour discussions.

The House was adjourned until 2 pm on Wednesday as legislators restrained the intruders and security took them away for investigation.

Concurrently, two others, including a woman, dispersed coloured gas and chanted slogans near Telephone Bhavan outside the Parliament premises. These incidents have prompted a detailed reevaluation of security measures at India’s top seat of the legislature, the Parliament.

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